About Background

Implementation of the project Limestone as the common denominator of natural and cultural heritage along the karstified part of the Adriatic coast with acronym RoofOfRock started in October 2012. Project is implemented under 2nd call for ordinary projects of Adriatic IPA CBC Programme 2007 – 2013, joining 10 partners from 4 countries. Project is going to be implemented until 30/09/2015.

The entire Adriatic Region shares at least 200 million years of common geological history. The limestone created on this platform was used as a primary building material throughout the whole project area and takes one of the most important roles in creating common human history. 

The specific platy limestone as the basic construction material gives the Adriatic coastline and its interior the primary character. The problem of today is that stakeholders in spatial planning, urbanization and cultural and natural conservation lack firm guidelines for sustainable use of natural stone as building material, then for conservation of the stone as natural heritage and finally for conservation of sites and materials as cultural heritage. 

The RoofOfRock project therefore gathered the most relevant stakeholders around one idea with the intention to establish joint platform for platy limestone sustainable use, preservation and promotion, create the relevant guidelines and to upgrade both individual and joint capacities in preserving such common natural and cultural heritage.