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Project team

In the project RoofOfRock, DMG-UniTS is the Work Package Leader for WP5 so we deal with the role of platy limestone and calcareous materials in general in natural heritage. We carry out research activities in the Italian karst area and coordinate the research activities in this WP on the whole project area, from Trieste to Dubrovnik.

In particular, we expect to analyze the conflict between exploitation of platy limestone and preservation of natural heritage. The preliminary research activities regarding the above-mentioned WP will cover the collection and analysis of existing legislation, according to WP6. More over we will carry on a detailed review of all protection standards, such as conventions, regulations and practices.

We expect to produce a list of natural heritage sites, selected in each country involved in the project. For each sites (at least 2 from each country) every research group will complete an information sheet which includes geological, cultural and natural features, according also to results obtained from WP3 and WP4.

All the sheets of natural heritage sites will be included in a database, accompanied by detailed thematic documents such quarry inventories and geological maps. All the documents compiled by each beneficiaries will be coordinate by DMG-UniTS.

The final step will be the compilation of guidelines which have to include the development of common rules for management of sites located in karst sites characterized by high natural value. The above-mentioned documents will provide operative solutions in quarrying activities and will define a common platform of data for each beneficiaries.

Description of Department

The main research activitiesconducted by the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences are: hydrogeology (karstaquifers), applied geology, coastal geomorphology, paleontology, geology, environmental geology (pollution of soil and water), marine geology, sedimentology, geophysical, geochemical and seismology. 

In addition to academic activities, the DMG-UniTS provides a range of services to private companies and public administrations.DMG-UniTS personnel consists of over thirty members, including professors, researchers and administrative staff. Annually come under the Department some twenty assistants, contractors or grantees. 

The department has several laboratories such as sedimentological lab, a geochemical lab, a lab of isotope geochemistry, a lab of hydrogeology, laboratory of seismology and a laboratory of applied geophysics.

Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of University of Trieste

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