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Project team

We initiated the idea for the RoofOfRock project from a simple geological fact: the Adriatic Region shares at least 200 million years of common geological history and we also share a common future. We want to contribute to common understanding in management of our natural and cultural heritage and resources through the specific case of platy limestone use.

The Geological Survey of Slovenia as the Leading Partner of the project is coordinating and managing the implementation of the project as a whole. Beside the management of the project (WP1) we are also collaborating closely with our partners in all other work packages, with emphasis on the work packages where we are taking the leading role. 

These include: WP2 – Communication and Dissemination WP3 – Platy limestone – geologic definition and its use as mineral commodity; WP7 – IT and GIS and WP9 - Cross-border awareness raising and knowledge transfer.

Our role in the project as the geological institution of knowledge is twofold. Our primary objective is to prepare the grounds for common definition of platy limestone and selection of proper building stone along the whole project area (karstified east Adriatic coast), to prepare professional grounds for its sustainable use in the future and to provide the geological support to the project as a whole. 

Specifically, as a national institution, we are also taking care of the geological part of the project in Slovenia through a study of available material and also with field work. 

An important part of our involvement is also organization of the expectedly extensive multidisciplinary database to be served through various fore-end applications to end users of various professional profiles.

While being one of the primary goals of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme as well as one of our ambitions in the project, building close ties with institutional partners and colleagues from the project area has come to us as one of very important outcomes already at the early stage of the project. We are looking forward to the coming years.  

Geological Survey of Slovenia

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