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Project team

The Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. is the first regional, and one of the leading Croatian development agencies. It was established on 14 December 1999 as an operational body entrusted with the implementation of development programmes of the Region of Istria and the Istria 21 Development Consortium. Registered with the Commercial Court  in Rijeka on 29 May 2000, it became operational on 1 June 2000.

For many years IDA has been an essential agent of Istrian economic development. Its primary role lies in the stimulation of the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurships in the Region of Istria through securing of financial support, holding of educational courses, developing of the entrepreneurial infrastructure, providing information and consultation services to entrepreneurs, offering services to prospective foreign investors and the implementation of different interregional and international projects aimed at creating of a favourable business climate in the Region of Istria.

From October 2007 IDA is a member of the Coordination of Regional Development Agencies of the Adriatic Statistic Region - RAJ. In addition to IDA, the Coordination's members are the Regional Development Agency of Dubrovnik-Neretva Region DUNEA Ltd., the Regional Development Agency PORIN Ltd. from Rijeka, the Zadar Region Development Agency ZADRA Ltd., the Regional Development Agency of the Šibenik-Knin Region and the Regional Development Agency of the Split-Dalmatia Region.

In October of 2009 IDA established METRIS - Research Centre for Metals of the Region of Istria. The Centre is situated Zagrebačka 30 in Pula and more information is available on the web page

IDA in the project RoofOfROck:

In addition to the aim of strengthening managerial skills in preservation of natural and cultural resources through regional cooperation, with the support of its Research Centre METRIS, the main role of IDA in the project RoofOfRock is to carry out laboratory analysis on the conservation state of limestone samples from selected locations within the project area.

Istrian Development Agency (IDA)

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