Project team

Project team

Škocjan Caves Regional Park was found in 1996. It is situated on the SE part of Classical Karst, where explorers for the first time ever started to seriously discover and explore the nature of Karst. The most beautiful part of the Park is undoubtedly a system of eleven caves and passages, collapse dolines, swallow holes and natural bridges all known by one name – Škocjan Caves. 

They are the most important underground phenomena of the Karst and in the opinion of international experts one of the most beautiful pearls on Earth. Škocjan Caves are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986 because of its extraodinary underground canyon, first exploration of karst phenomena, important arheological sites and high biodiversity in collapse doline. 

From 1999 they are also included in Ramsar Convention List of Wetlands of International Importance as the first underground wetland. In 2004 the whole area with buffer and transitional zone was designated as Biosphere reserve in MAB (Man and the Biosphere) programme.

Public Agency Škocjan Caves Regional Park as the manager of the area is in the RoofOfRock project Work Package Leader for WP6 – Legislative framework. With its rich experience from previous international projects is going to play an important role in analysing of existing legislation and standards in the project area, as well as in preparing recommendation towards common legislation.

In a close cooperation with external experts from Slovenia and other participating countries, we will provide a detailed analyse of all existing legislation in force in the field of mining, arhitecture, spatial planning, natural and cultural heritage and environment which refers to a use and exploitation of platy limestone along the karstified part of the Adriatic coast. 

After that the comparisson analyse of existing legislation between countries will be made as well as its eligment with European standards. We will organized a Round table on which important international policy makers will be invited. 

The main results of the project will be a document with a common recommendations and guidelines for sustainable exploitation of platy limestone, preparation of joint recommendations for its use in the reconstruction of cultural heritage, in arhitecture, construction and exploitation of quarries.

Public Agency Škocjan Caves Regional Park

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