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Project team

In the project RoofOfRock, UP ZRS is the Work Package Leader for WP4 so we deal with the role of platy limestone and limestone in general in cultural heritage. We carry out research in the Slovenian karstic area (matični Kras) and coordinate the research activities in this WP on the whole project area, from Trieste to Dubrovnik. 

We provide a common methodology of documentation and research in order to achieve comparable results and an overall picture of cultural heritage items in platy limestone on the karstified part of the Adriatic coast. 

We mainly conduce desktop research of scientific literature, archival research and we carry out fieldwork research so to inventorize buildings and objects in relation to their architectural features and conservation problems as well as regarding quarries, extraction sites and the related crafts.

With the joint efforts in the project RoofOfRock we expect to produce a thorough database of important objects in platy limestone and their conservation issues (good and bad practices), local maps of quarries and extraction sites of limestone and platy limestone. 

Finally, together with specialists from other disciplines, we want to provide operative solutions for improving the preservation of cultural heritage in limestone as the key element of the Eastern Adriatic cultural landscape. While reaching these practical and scientific aims, we try to raise awareness on the significance of the regional cultural heritage and traditional know-how as one of the key common denominators in a crossborder perspective. 

Last but not least, we hope to make new longterm friendships and professional ties with colleagues in this field all along the Eastern Adriatic coast.

University of Primorska, Science and Research Centre, Institute for Mediterranean Heritage

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