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Project team

ZADRA was established in 2006 with the purpose of creating systems for designing and coordinating a new development cycle of the Zadar County, including development programmes, all aimed at regional development, creating a positive climate for investing in entrepreneurship and achieving well-being of the population of the Zadar County. 

The role of the Development Agency is to help the development of small and medium enterprises in the entire County area through financial support, development of investment infrastructure, informing the existing and potential entrepreneurs, advisory services and support in solving everyday business problems regarding the growth and development of entrepreneurship, as well as providing business education and training.

In the project RoofOfRock, ZADRA is responsible for developing, updating and maintenance of official project website. Web site is an important vehicle of information regarding project related issues with double task: to document the project activities, outputs and results and to collect information and downloadable materials useful for experts of the sector. 

It is a central place for gaining all relevant information on the project, project results, various reports, leaflets, media releases and other materials relevant to the user community. 

The website is in English, Croatian, Slovenian and Italian language, translated by subcontractor hired also by ZADRA. ZADRA is also in charge for printing of various promotional materials: leaflet, notepads, pens, shirts, hats... that will be distributed to all partners and wider public involved in project and projects activities.

ZADRA is involved in implementation of WP3, WP4 and WP7 by providing all information necessary for successful implementation of work packages and project in general.

Zadar County Development Agency - ZADRA

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